About us

Who are we?

Founded in December 2022, Terra Matters is an economic interest group supported by the Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Our primary objective is to support businesses in their green transition through an innovative traceability solution based on the Product Circularity Datasheet Luxembourg - PCDS. Unlike traditional linear traceability, which simply follows the path of a product from its creation to its end of life, circular traceability is based on the concept of a virtuous circle in which raw materials and products are designed to be reused, recycled or regenerated.

Our goals

The PCDS enables the efficient exchange of information on the circular characteristics of products, from the beginning to the end of the value chain. Our team aims to support its development and improve its use.

  • Promoting the circular economy and supporting European businesses in their green transition
  • Promoting industry standards and encouraging the implementation of best practice
  • Promoting low-cost, scalable IT solutions (open data, open source) in the field of the circular economy
  • Supporting the implementation of cost-effective circular business models

In a nutshell, what is PCDS?

A «data template»

gathering standardised information on products, their components and their circular characteristics while preserving their Intellectual Property rights

A third-party verification mechanism

to validate the content of the PCDS

A digital data exchange protocol

as a universal data source, so as not to be dependent on a single platform for distribution