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Circular traceability of your products is now possible

For all companies, there's one thing in common: recycling, reusing or regenerating products is sometimes complicated, if not impossible. Let's work together for a green future.

Under the impetus of the Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the Product Circularity Datasheet Luxembourg (PCDS) aims to establish an official standard for information on product circularity.

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A stream of standardized, reliable, and cost-effective data

Supported by Terra Matters and launched in 2019 by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, the PCDS prides itself on being a genuine identity card for a product and its components, not dependent on a single platform for distribution. It aims to develop an industrial protocol for exchanging standardized data in Luxembourg and Europe.

Circular traceability of products and their raw materials is an innovative approach to ensuring transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

More than 50 companies have already joined the project. Why shouldn't you?

What is the PCDS?



The standardization of data via the PCDS will enable a circular economy to be established in Europe and around the world.

Evelyne Ritter13/11/2023
SundaHus Linköping AB

Regardless of what you want to achieve in terms of sustainability and circularity in the construction sector, the lack of transparency and specific data is very often critical. The PCDS initiative is a step in the right direction.

Jan Boström13/11/2023
Arcelor Mittal

This new standard could give companies during the green transition a considerable competitive advantage.

Pierre Turpel13/11/2023
Bâtiments Astron

Documentation and information exchange are vital when it comes to circular building projects. The advantage of the PCDS is that we now have a common language, to which it is easy to add building-specific information.

René Oly13/11/2023

If everyone implements the standardized norm induced by the CPSD, recycling centers around the world will be able to access high-value materials, ultimately resulting in less waste and fewer raw material resources.

Rudy Daelmans20/05/2024
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